Surveying & Mapping

Mobulair has partnered with Prospect Drones to provide high quality and affordable 3D mapping and aerial surveying/imaging solutions.


Aerial Mapping

Airborne RTK GNSS systems allow centimetre accurate surveys to be made even where ground access is difficult.

Photogrammetry / 3D Modelling

Using photogrammetry we are able to construct highly accurate textured 3-dimensional models.

Aerial Photography

Our team has the experience and equipment needed to deliver high quality aerial photography and video.


Using customised cameras we can collect near infrared spectral data suitable for plant health analysis using the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index and others.

Data for GIS Input

Providing accurate, up-to-date and cost effective georeferenced data as and when required.

Digital elevation models

Accurate centimetre scale elevation/surface models, suitable for a wide range of applications.